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Saturday, October 31, 2020

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trump-gb-rallyKristina Shelton, COVID Long Hauler, and Former Meat Packer Slam Trump

Trump and the Republican Party won’t take COVID seriously, they haven’t, and so the only way we can end this nightmare is by electing new leaders.

Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Philip Shulman


covid-19-protest-madisonState Journal Says Fitzgerald “Willing To Let Wisconsinites Die”

Scott Fitzgerald has been leading the charge against Gov. Evers throughout this public health crisis and "is everything that is wrong in American politics," says WSJ. Tom Palzewicz a better choice to represent us in Congress.

Written by Palzewicz for Wisconsin, Chelsea Cross


covid-19-testGovernor Expands Wisconsin's COVID-19 Community Testing Efforts

Testing plays a critical role in protecting our friends and family from further spread of the virus. New sites to ensure consistent access to testing in all regions of the state.

Written by GOV Press Wisconsin


amanda-stuck-ad-btsStuck Questions Gallagher Campaign Motives

8th Congressional District challenger Amanda Stuck says Gallagher campaign has tried to paint her as an enemy of the arts when his record is nothing to brag about.

Written by Amanda Stuck Press


wi-national-guard-troopsWisconsin National Guard Will Assist on Election Day

400 Citizen Soldiers and Airmen will mobilize to state active duty in the coming days to support the Wisconsin Elections Commission and clerks across the state. Governor hopes to ensure election day goes smoothly and voters and officials alike have assistance.

Written by GOV Press Wisconsin


uwec-campusGOTV Bus Tour Stops at UW River Falls, Eau Claire, and La Crosse

Political and campus leaders will discuss how young people play a pivotal role in moving our country forward, Joe Biden’s plan to build the economy back better, and the importance of voting.

Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Courtney Beyer




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