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Saturday, September 12, 2020

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trump-fauci-200323Fauci disagrees with Trump that US rounding 'final turn' on pandemic

If Americans aren't careful, the pandemic could worsen says Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Written by The Hill Press


evers-in-gb-2019$18 Million in Public Transit Grants for Wisconsin Communities

Grants will enable Beloit, Wausau, Sheboygan, Madison, Eau Claire, Racine, Green Bay, and La Crosse to purchase a total of 34 public transit buses.

Written by GOV Press Wisconsin


trump-golf-2020Wisconsin Voices Continue to Hold Trump Accountable

Wisconsinites "suffered and saw their livelihoods destroyed because of Trump...Like the rest of the country, we are reeling from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and Trump’s failed response," says President of Farmers Union.

Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Philip Shulman


trump-pusa-maskNew PUSA Ad Keeps Focus on Coronavirus, Health Care and the Economy

“Mask,” a new TV ad from Priorities USA Action, holds Donald Trump accountable for abandoning Americans who have lost their jobs and their health insurance during the pandemic.

Written by Priorities USA Press


trump-woodward-tapes-covid-19Woodward revelations deepen Trump troubles

Woodward has Trump on tape acknowledging as early as Feb. 7 that the coronavirus is “deadly stuff.” The following month, he admitted, “I wanted to always play it down.”

Written by The Hill Press


qanon-trump-rally-nbcnewsWisconsin Republicans Embrace QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Dave Armstrong, Republican candidate for the 75th Assembly District is one of several local politicians across the country who has used their social media channels to spread baseless and dangerous QAnon conspiracies.

Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Jake Andrejat




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