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bio-scienceAs Wisconsin's economy and schools continue to fall behind and roads and bridges crumble, establishment politicians like Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and Sen. Leah Vukmir are working to pass a fetal tissue ban. This proposal is out of touch with the needs of everyday Wisconsinites.

MADISON - Wisconsin is in a tough spot, we're 32nd in private-sector job creation, school districts are forced to put referenda on the ballot this spring just to keep the lights on, and the transportation faces a one billion dollar deficit as roads and bridges continue to crumble. Instead of working with Democrats to find common sense solutions to our economic woes, Madison establishment politicians like Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and Sen. Leah Vukmir are working to pass a fetal tissue ban this session.

"This isn't leadership in any form. This is extremism for the sake of extremism and a blatant disregard for the real problems facing Wisconsin's working families," Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Thursday. "Republicans like Sen. Alberta Darling don't even agree with these out-of-the-mainstream lawmakers like Sens. Fitzgerald and Vukmir. It's so extreme Speaker Vos has declined to comment when asked about his support."

Last year, Republicans failed to pass a similar bill authored by Sen. Alberta Darling which received pushback from anti-choice groups who didn't think the bill went far enough. The current bill in circulation is opposed by a group, Cures For Tomorrow, composed of BioForward, the Medical College of Wisconsin, UW Health, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

"Not only is this proposal out of touch with the needs of everyday Wisconsinites, it does nothing to move our state forward. It actually impedes job-creating and life-saving progress on cutting edge research that could one day produce breakthrough cures for fatal diseases," said Weathersby. "This would be an incredible setback for an economy that desperately needs new jobs and new industry. It's also a devastating blow for the Wisconsin families and patients optimistic to one day witness a cure for devastating illnesses."

Written by Democratic Party of Wisconsin   

family-workingJoint Democratic effort promotes Fairness, Opportunity, and Community

MADISON, WI – Democratic lawmakers have announced a new, collaborative effort to promote fairness, opportunity, and community through a joint legislative agenda.

Leaders and members from both the Senate and Assembly unveiled their Wisconsin Way Forward plan which highlights key Democratic values, innovative ideas, and proven solutions to support hardworking families. The plan seeks to build an economy that works for everyone, invest in the future, empower citizens, and strengthen communities and families in Wisconsin.

jennifer-shilling“The Wisconsin Way Forward is a reflection of our shared values and our vision to strengthen families, businesses and communities,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “For years, residents and businesses have voiced concerns with Republican cuts to our schools, delays to road projects and restrictions on health care access. By focusing on policies that promote fairness, expand opportunities and invest in communities, we can ensure a brighter future for our state.”

peter_barca“Working families are falling behind, and Democrats want to ensure we build an economy that works for everyone,” said Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha). “We have an agenda that will move Wisconsin forward by investing in our most valuable resource—the people of our state. We will address the future of our state with long-term solutions for education, training and infrastructure to compete in a 21st century economy.”

The joint legislative agenda marks a new step forward for Wisconsin Democrats and represents a unique level of unity among legislative caucuses rarely seen in most states. Through listening sessions, weekly email updates, social media and online resources, legislative Democrats are launching an unprecedented effort to keep citizens informed, engaged and involved in Wisconsin’s state government. Individuals can visit to sign up for updates and learn more about what is happening “Under the Dome.”

Written by Wisconsin Senate Democrats   
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